RYLA Summit

RYLA Summit

Registration for the RYLA Summit and the PETS Conference has ended. If you are still interested in attending, but have missed the February 19 deadline, you can e-mail or call Erik Karre, RYLA Registrar at [email protected] or 308.440.2641 to see if there are any openings left. There was room for 40 people total. Those who preregistered will be guaranteed a seat. Those who do not register or who just show up may have to stand if there is any room.

Do you know that RYLA programs:

  • Around the world vary in length from 3 days to as many as 10 days?
  • Happen at colleges, some at high schools, some at church camps, some at wilderness camps?
  • Focus on just sophomores, some juniors, some seniors, and some a combinations of all three?
  • Focus on students after high school ages 18-21 or young professionals 21-30+
  • Have boys and girls on separate weeks and others are mixed?
  • Have around 30 students and there are others that have in excess of 250?
  • Have adult Rotarians that run the show and others that past youth run it with adult support?

So what does this all mean? It means that there are no two RYLA programs exactly alike. It also means that it is difficult for Rotary International to provide much more direction than they are already providing at this point because every program is different.

Now is an opportunity for you and other Rotarians involved in RYLA to come together for the first RYLA Summit to learn what others do, get new ideas, and share best practices. If your District doesn’t currently have a RYLA program, this is a great place to get ideas on how to start. The RYLA Summit will take place as follows:

RYLA Summit
Friday, February 28 to Sunday, March 2, 2014

Renaissance Denver Hotel
3801 Quebec St
Denver, Colorado

Start – 8:00 pm on Friday; End – 11:00 am on Sunday (Come for as much as you are able)

This event is in conjunction with the High Country PETS (President Elect Training Seminar) for Rotary. You will have an opportunity to meet Rotary International President-elect Gary C. K. Huang, many other Rotarians, and interact with a number of vendor booths.

What will happen at the RYLA Summit? While a specific schedule is being worked out, topics will focus on various RYLA related subjects including:

  • Youth Protection Training
  • Youth Staff vs Adult Staff vs Combination
  • Promotional Materials
  • Speakers
  • Team Building Activities
  • Getting Club Buy-In
  • Student Applications
  • Criminal Background Checks on Adults
  • Budgets
  • Funding RYLA
  • RYLA Committee/Board Development
  • RYLA Recognition
  • RYLA Fun Activities
  • Handling Meals
  • Handling Special Needs (Disabilities, Allergies, Emergencies)
  • Sleeping Arrangements
  • Best Practices

What to bring with you?

  • Each District is encouraged to bring handouts and copies of materials that you can distribute to others. It is suggested that you bring at least 20 copies of the materials you want to share.
  • If you have materials you want to make available electronically, please bring these on a single CD, DVD, or Flash Drive. We will upload these to an account everyone will have access to download.
  • Materials to display about your RYLA program. Each District will get a table to set up any displays on

Special Notes?

  • Keep in mind that because this is the first year of this event, things may not be as highly structured as they have the potential to be in the future.
  • Every District will be given around 20-30 minutes each during the summit to share about their RYLA program
  • Those attending the RYLA summit will have the option to eat meals and participate in the speakers that are a part of PETS program already going on, you can eat at the restaurant at the hotel, or eat at any of the number of restaurants around the hotel.
  • Time will be given to coming up with a plan to perpetuate and grow this event.
  • If your District will be represented at PETS, you are encourage to talk to your District Leadership to see if you can have a few minutes during one of the District breakout meets to share a little about your RYLA program and what you have learned from others at the RYLA summit.
  • You will have access to Wi-Fi, a projector, computer speakers, flip charts, markers, and a printer for sure. You are encouraged to bring your own laptop or computer device. If you have a mac or a table you want to hook up to the projector, be sure to bring the appropriate devices to connect to a VGA cable. A laptop will be on hand if you need to utilize it for any sort of presentation
  • During the summit, there will be some team building/fun activities to participate in. If you have something you do with your RYLA students that you think could be completed in under 30 minutes, you are welcome to offer to lead the group in an activity, but must indicate it when you sign up.


You have three options for means:

  1. Eat meals that are being offered as a part of PETS. They range from $35-$50.
  2. You can eat at the hotel. Prices range from $7-$30 depending on what you eat. They have a breakfast buffet, but it’s not included with your hotel stay. See hotel menu here.
  3. You can eat at a number of area restaurants


The hotel that the RYLA Summit and PETS will occur at is the Renaissance Denver Hotel at 3801 Quebec St. If they run out of room or if you’d prefer a different hotel, look up area hotels.

If you have not already registered, the registration deadline was February 19. If you did not get registered, but would like to participate, you can contact Erik Karre at [email protected] or 308.440.2641. If the capacity of 40 has been reached, you may not be guaranteed a seat and may have to stand if there is room.

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