RYLA Staff Applications

Serena Martinez

Gender – Female

Position(s) Applying For – Junior Counselor (Open to anyone who has attended RYLA as a camper)

Year Participated in RYLA – 2021

Times You’ve Served as Junior Counselor – 0

Home Phone – 308.386.8948

Work Phone – [695]

Cell Phone – [683]

College Phone –

E-mail – serena.martinez5141@gmail.com

City, State – Sutherland, NE

School City, State – ,

Why do you want serve in the positions you’ve selected?

I want to serve as a Junior Counselor next summer because I feel that I would be able to contribute a lot to the program. I would be able to bring energy each and every day of camp, as well as relate to campers on a personal level just as the JC’s did when I attended RYLA this past summer.

How has your experience as RYLA participante impacted you?

RYLA has impacted the way I live my everyday life. I have been able to use leadership skills that I learned for various activities including but not limited to, FFA, Band, Choir, and Girl Scouts. After I left camp, I felt as though I was leaving a piece of me in Halsey with all of the new people that I met. I never thought I would be able to change in the time I was there. It resulted in me changing for the better. All of the people I became close with, I still talk to on a daily basis, and I miss them because they made such an impact on me. I learned that people are going through so many things that they don’t want to show and that made me more aware in my everyday life.

How do you feel you can contribute and grow RYLA?

I feel that I will be able to contribute my positive personality. I am able to communicate with ease to a person of any age, which has been very helpful throughout my entire life. When I attended RYLA this past summer, I felt as though I was always bringing positivity to all of my groups I was involved in. I want to be able to help and change lives for the better and I know I can do that as a Junior Counselor. I would be able to grow as a person because I would be in charge of a group of younger students for the entire week we are there. My skill set would develop even further, as I would be taking on that leadership role.