RYLA Staff Applications

Ayonya Birthi

Gender – Female

Position(s) Applying For – Junior Counselor (Open to anyone who has attended RYLA as a camper)

Year Participated in RYLA – 2021

Times You’ve Served as Junior Counselor – 0

Home Phone – 308.589.0813

Work Phone – [695]

Cell Phone – [683]

College Phone –

E-mail – ayonyabirthi@gmail.com

City, State – Grand Island, NE

School City, State – ,

Why do you want serve in the positions you’ve selected?

I want to serve as a junior counselor because when I attended RYLA my junior counselor made my experience go so much better. I used to be a really shy kid but now I know I just need a little push to open up. My junior counselor did a really good job of doing that and I hope to be able to do the same for other kids.

How has your experience as RYLA participante impacted you?

My experience at RYLA has made me more confident in myself and it has taught me that I should go out of my comfort zone more often! I also learned how to live away from home and adjust to a lot of people. Being at RYLA allowed me to spend time out of my normal environment and it helped me grow as a person.

How do you feel you can contribute and grow RYLA?

I can contribute to RYLA by being a good Junior Counselor that will encourage campers to go out of their comfort zones and to try new things. I also have high energy that will uplift campers. It is hard for some to be away from home for 5 days and I can comfort them and make them feel more at home. I can grow Great Plains RYLA by always looking at ways to improve the campers’ experience!