RYLA Staff Applications

Jordan Bocock

Gender – Female

Position(s) Applying For – Junior Counselor (Open to anyone who has attended RYLA as a camper)

Year Participated in RYLA – 2021

Times You’ve Served as Junior Counselor – 0

Home Phone – 720.725.4883

Work Phone – [695]

Cell Phone – [683]

College Phone –

E-mail – mindlesspurplenike@gmail.com

City, State – Chappell, NE

School City, State – ,

Why do you want serve in the positions you’ve selected?

I had an amazing junior counselor (Luxie), she was truly amazing. Even my senior counselor (Riley), he was amazing. They both set an amazing expectation on how leaders should be. It gave me a spark of why I love RYLA, and that doesn’t even include all of it. I truly think that RYLA was an amazing experience and I would love to be there for the next year. I thanked the people for the opportunity it gave me to build more of my characteristics, and build more of myself as a person.

How has your experience as RYLA participante impacted you?

Honestly when I decided to go to RYLA I thought nothing other than a normal camp. I thought that I wouldn’t have to do anything or wouldn’t have to really step out of my comfort zone. One of the purposes I went to this camp was to get away from my home life. I just turned into a foster kid, and was struggling a lot. RYLA made me feel a little more confident, and it overall helped me make new friends. Which I still talk to today! I loved the opportunities that I took with going to RYLA, and even when I got back I really tried to start the program back up. I really can’t express enough about how much RYLA changed my life, and I appreciate it so much for coming into my life.

How do you feel you can contribute and grow RYLA?

Everyone is different; whether that is different with experiments, emotions, or more. I will be there to support anyone. I also love to see people grow, to step out of their comfort zone, and to experience new things. I would also love to apply my leadership skills onto this, as well as being looked up to, a good role model is important. The characteristics can build throughout camp, and through the people that influence you as well. I would love to be looked up to and be a good role model. All anyone really needs is a nudge.