President’s Commitment Form

Please review the Club and RYLA Representative responsibilities before continuing.

If your club wants to participate in Great Plains RYLA, the following stipulations apply:

  • Great Plains RYLA is a district-wide activity, not a club activity, so all clubs must adhere to the same requirements, however there is a lot of room for clubs to add their own touches
  • All sophomores and junior boys and girls are eligible to apply. It’s not appropriate for only “select” students be allowed to apply. Every student must be encouraged to apply.
  • The only acceptable application is the online applications. Clubs are not allowed to use any other form for students to apply
  • Clubs must do an in-person interview of each student with no less at least 2 Rotarians doing each interview
  • Clubs are to have students apply, be interviewed, and then be selected in that order. Students cannot just be offered a slot
  • Grade point average, class rank, having a parent as a Rotarian, being involved in Interact, being outgoing in the community, etc. are not to be considered as factors for students applying.

Rotary President Information

Rotary Club RYLA Representative Information

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