Junior Staff

  • You must have attended RYLA as a participant in the last four years.
  • Demonstrate excellent leadership skills during RYLA, be a good communicator, and should feel comfortable leading a group of peers.
  • Have attained a high level of confidence and skill to be a success.
  • Attend the staff development.
  • Work closely with the Senior Counselor you are partnered with to develop a team dynamic as well as your own skills.
  • Lead your team of RYLArians through RYLA.
  • Your primary role is to encourage individual and team growth through RYLA.
  • Be able to occupy the RYLArians in a productive manner all the time.
  • Facilitate all activities and discussions with confidence and ease.
  • Use various techniques to help the RYLArians develop their leadership skills.
  • Challenge RYLArians to break barriers, be bold, be creative, and be an initiator.
  • Put the needs of the RYLArian’s ahead of the needs of the Junior Counselors or staff.
  • Report all problems and emergencies to the senior counselor or RYLA chair or coordinator.
  • Maintain communication with the Leadership Team.
  • Help mentor junior counselors who are serving in their first year.
  • Collect surveys from all RYLArians.

Check all positions for which you wish to be considered.
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