Rotary International District 5630

RYLArians, Rotaracters, Interacters, and Youth Exchange Participants are a backbone for future leadership in our society and future Rotarians. RYLA is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills in young people and to share the great things that make up Rotary International. For more information on Rotary, visit Rotary International District 5630 or Rotary International District 5610 websites.

Rotary Club Responsibilities

  • Identify someone to serve at the club’s RYLA Representative
  • Support the RYLA Representative during the year and hold them accountable for what they are to do

RYLA Representative Responsibilities

  • Serve as your club’s official representative to RYLA and the primary person responsible in your club.
  • Participate live in RYLA conference calls and webinars during the year.
  • Give a presentation to your Rotary club on RYLA each year in the fall including showing the video about RYLA to educate the club about RYLA and encourage Rotarians to get involved on staff at RYLA.
  • Update your club board monthly about RYLA including any needs you have and any missing information or problems
  • Request the number of slots your club would like for the number of students you want to send.
  • Complete all tasks by the specified deadlines.
  • With the assistance of other Rotarians and students from previous year’s RYLA, give a presentation to all high school sophomores and juniors about RYLA. While you may use other Rotarians to assist with the presentation, the presentation and promotion of RYLA is not to be left up to the schools, even if the school officials are Rotarians. RYLA is a Rotary program, not a school program.
  • Promote RYLA to students using all mediums possible including newspaper, radio, television, facebook, school newsletters, church bulletins, etc. in each community your club recruits students from.
  • Have students apply online by the deadline. No other form of the application will be accepted.
  • Put together a committee of no less than two Rotarians who will review each application received and conduct a personal interview of each student who applies.
  • All students must apply online, applications reviewed, be interviewed, and then selected in that order; it is not appropriate just offer a spot to a student or have them chosen and then have them apply.
  • Select students you wish to send to RYLA.
  • Make arrangements to get each student to and from RYLA camp (students cannot drive themselves)
  • Arrange with the students to make a presentation to your local club within one month of the last day of RYLA camp about their experience
  • Arrange to work with each student and your Rotary club on a project of the student’s choosing after camp related to something they learned at RYLA; each student is encouraged to work on a different project
  • Additional duties as necessary at the discretion of the RYLA committee

Time Commitment – 2-3 hours per month