Time Table

Great Plains RYLA Time Table

***The following information can also be found on the events calendar.***

December 1   Applications for junior and senior counselors are made available online
January 15   Applications for students open
January 15   Clubs send out a press release to local media of RYLA and how to apply
January 15   RYLA Representatives should contact local schools to schedule a presentation to high school sophomores and juniors
January 31   All Junior Counselor and Head Junior Counselor Applications are due
February 17   All Interviews for Junior Counselors completed
February 21   Complete all presentations to local schools*
February 29
  All Junior Counselors notified of acceptance
March 24   All student applications for Great Plains RYLA must be submitted online*
February 29   All RYLA Senior Counselor applications are due
March 31   Complete student interviews and submit the Participant Selection Form Submitted*
April 1   All RYLA applicants will be notified through the mail of their selection to Great Plains RYLA
April 1   Any slots not filled by clubs, clubs with information not submitted, or open slots become available to all clubs to fill
April 30   Regular fee due on or before this date ($400)
April 30   All students accepted should attend at least one meeting of their sponsoring Rotary Club during April
May 1   Late fee due on or after this date ($450)
May 31   All students accepted should attend at least one meeting of their sponsoring Rotary Club during May
June 1   Student Health History Forms due to RYLA Representative
June 15   Student Health History Forms due to RYLA Registrar in the mail on or before this date
June 15   Participating students attend a Rotary Club meeting with their parents on or before this date
June 30   All students accepted should attend at least one meeting of their sponsoring Rotary Club during June
July 7   Submit student transportation forms by this date
July 15   RYLA Staff Report around noon
July 16   RYLA participants show up at Halsey 4-H Camp for Great Plains RYLA – 3:00 p.m.
July 21   RYLA participants head home – 3:00 p.m.
August 31   Students to have completed their presentation to their sponsoring Rotary Club
October 1   Have a plan in place for each student for their special leadership project with your club

* To receive the early bird discount, the following must be completed:

  1. Complete a presentation to all schools that you will recruit from by February 21.
  2. Complete interviews of students on or before March 31.
  3. Submit your “Participant Selection Form” on or before March 31.
  4. Submit a check in the mail for the total number of students you want to send. It must be postmarked on or before April 15.

Checks payable to:

District 5630

Send payment to:

Great Plains RYLA
c/o JoAnne Hoatson
616 S. Poplar St
North Platte, NE 69101




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