RYLA Representatives

Find a Great Plains RYLA Representative near you!

To find your local Rotary Club, you can either browse the table for your school or town or type it in the search bar on the right. If you are homeschooled or attend a school not listed, find the nearest club or school as that will be your contact. The name, address and phone number provided are the contact information for the RYLA Representative of the Rotary Club that serves each school. If your school or town is not listed here or if you have a question that your RYLA Representative cannot answer, please contact the Great Plains RYLA Chair or a member of the committee (contact information).

SchoolRYLA RepresentativePhoneEmailRotary Club
Hershey High SchoolAlisha Forbes3082893764[email protected]North Platte Noon
North Platte High SchoolAlisha Forbes3082893764[email protected]North Platte Noon
North Platte St. Pat'sAlisha Forbes3082893764[email protected]North Platte Noon
Sutherland High SchoolAlisha Forbes3082893764[email protected]North Platte Noon
McCook Senior High SchoolAndy Long3087375777[email protected]McCook
Chase County High SchoolAngie Swanson3083526016[email protected]Imperial
Wauneta Palisades SchoolsAngie Swanson3083526016[email protected]Imperial
Arnold High SchoolBerni Crow3085201102[email protected]Arnold
Callaway High SchoolBerni Crow3085201102[email protected]Arnold
Amherst High SchoolCindy Houlden3082936417[email protected]Kearney Dawn
Elm Creek High SchoolCindy Houlden3082936417[email protected]Kearney Dawn
Gibbon High SchoolCindy Houlden3082936417[email protected]Kearney Dawn
Kearney Catholic High SchoolCindy Houlden3082936417[email protected]Kearney Dawn
Kearney High SchoolCindy Houlden3082936417[email protected]Kearney Dawn
Pleasanton High SchoolCindy Houlden3082936417[email protected]Kearney Dawn
Ravenna High SchoolCindy Houlden3082936417[email protected]Kearney Dawn
Shelton High SchoolCindy Houlden3082936417[email protected]Kearney Dawn
Cozad High SchoolCraig Mickey3089914155[email protected]Cozad
Creek Valley High SchoolDale Fornander3086400017[email protected]Chappell
Sidney High SchoolDale Fornander3086400017[email protected]Chappell
South Platte High SchoolDale Fornander3086400017[email protected]Chappell
Chadron High SchoolDan Garrett3084303428[email protected]Chadron
Gothenburg High SchoolDaniel Kreis3086400017[email protected]Gothenburg
District 5610 SchoolsDavid Lorenz7128993962[email protected]District 5610
Grand Island High SchoolDavid Plond3083793155[email protected]Grand Island
Doniphan Trumbull High SchoolDavid Plond3083793155[email protected]Grand Island
GI Central CatholicDavid Plond3083793155[email protected]Grand Island
GI NorthwestDavid Plond3083793155[email protected]Grand Island
Heartland LutheranDavid Plond3083793155[email protected]Grand Island
Wood RiverDavid Plond3083793155[email protected]Grand Island
Cairo High SchoolDavid Plond3083793155[email protected]Grand Island
Broken Bow High SchoolDeb McCaslin[email protected]Broken Bow Area
O'Neill High SchoolDena Jundt4029602913[email protected]O'Neill
St Mary's High SchoolDena Jundt4029602913[email protected]O'Neill
Kearney Catholic High SchoolDoug Deterding3086277255[email protected]Kearney Noon
Kearney High SchoolDoug Deterding3086277255[email protected]Kearney Noon
Alliance High SchoolDoug Ohlson3088821526[email protected]Alliance
Hemingford High SchoolDoug Ohlson3088821526[email protected]Alliance
Alma High SchoolGalen Kronhofman3089201052[email protected]Alma
Doniphan Trumbull High SchoolGlenn Knuth3083808786[email protected]Grand Island Sunrise
GI Central CatholicGlenn Knuth3083808786[email protected]Grand Island Sunrise
GI NorthwestGlenn Knuth3083808786[email protected]Grand Island Sunrise
Heartland LutheranGlenn Knuth3083808786[email protected]Grand Island Sunrise
Wood RiverGlenn Knuth3083808786[email protected]Grand Island Sunrise
Sidney High SchoolGreg Scripp 3082492688[email protected]Chappell
Eustis/Farnam Public Schools,Jolyn Richardson3083678688[email protected]Curtis
Maywood Public SchoolsJolyn Richardson3083678688[email protected]Curtis
Medicine Valley Public SchoolsJolyn Richardson3083678688[email protected]Curtis
Aurthur County High SchoolKenneth Snyder3082893130[email protected]Ogallala
Ogallala High SchoolKenneth Snyder3082893130[email protected]Ogallala
Paxton High SchoolKenneth Snyder3082893130[email protected]Ogallala
South Platte High SchoolKenneth Snyder3082893130[email protected]Ogallala
St Paul High SchoolKerin Smydra3087544426[email protected]St. Paul
Lexington High SchoolKirsten Faessler3084402040[email protected]Lexington
Minden Public SchoolMarse McCann-Carpenter3088321793[email protected]Minden
Perkins County High SchoolMichaela Potts3083528024[email protected]Grant
Valentine High SchoolMichelle Kluender4023229271[email protected]Valentine
Arapahoe High SchoolMike Langley3083629095[email protected]Cambridge
Cambridge High SchoolMike Langley3083629095[email protected]Cambridge
Southwest High SchoolMike Langley3083629095[email protected]Cambridge
Kimball High SchoolMo Hanks3082357418[email protected]Kimball
Holdrege High SchoolMonty Vonasek3089910267[email protected]Holdrege
Adams Central High SchoolRonald Seymour4024693623[email protected]Hastings
Hastings High SchoolRonald Seymour4024693623[email protected]Hastings
Hastings St CeciliaRonald Seymour4024693623[email protected]Hastings
Hayes Center SchoolsStephanie Malcom3087371305[email protected]Imperial Satellite
Wauneta-Palisade SchoolsStephanie Malcom3087371305[email protected]Imperial Satellite
Adams Central High SchoolSusie Krysko4024695577[email protected]Hastings Sunrise
Hastings St CeciliaSusie Krysko4024695577[email protected]Hastings Sunrise
Gordon-Rushville High SchoolTerry Michaelson3084303046[email protected]
North Platte High SchoolThomas Wolfgang3082895979[email protected]North Platte Sunrise
Aurthur County High SchoolShelly Witt[email protected]Ogallala
Ogallala High SchoolShelly Witt[email protected]Ogallala
Paxton High SchoolShelly Witt[email protected]Ogallala
South Platte High SchoolShelly Witt[email protected]Ogallala
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