Promote RYLA

Promotional Information

Someone must be presented with something seven times before they remember it. As Rotarians, students and their parents must be presented with RYLA information in seven different ways for them to remember RYLA and make the commitment to apply.

Ways to Find RYLA Candidates

  • Provide applications at your regular weekly meeting. Many Rotarians know outstanding young people within the community.
  • Make a presentation to Interact club members.
  • Presentation to junior class at each school. Use promotional DVD and/or PowerPoint Presentation to help.
  • Students that have attended RYLA the previous year should be contacted to spread the word among the current juniors about this great program. Provide them with applications to pass on to their friends and acquaintances.
  • Extend your search for applications to other leaders at local high schools. Seek out the Band Director, Athletic Coaches, and Club Advisors.
  • Clubs should also promote through other organizations such as Scouting, Churches, Junior Achievement, National Honor Society, and Community Athletic Programs.
  • Submit a Press Release to local newspapers, school newspapers, radio stations, and TV providers.
  • Have a Rotarian go on the local radio and TV to promote RYLA.
  • Pass out RYLA brochures and post the flyers in the schools and around the community where youth and parents will see them – Brochures and Flyers – updated
  • Promotional DVD and PowerPoint will be mailed to each club president

Sample Agenda for School Presentations

  • Welcome and Introductions – 1 minute
  • Explanation of what Gret Plains RYLA is (could be supplemented by a PowerPoint) – 2-3 minutes
  • Talk from previous Great Plains RYLA participant – 3-4 minutes
  • Watch the promotional Great Plains RYLA DVD – 7 minutes
  • Application and selection process – 3 minutes
  • Answer questions – 3 minutes

Sample Letters

These downloadable files can be edited as necessary or may be used as is. If you are ending out a press release, it is recommended that you c-mail the press release to the media. Most prefer having the information sent over e-mail so they do not have to retype it.

Press release that is to be sent out to the media to promote students applying

Great-Plains-RYLA-Promotional-Press-Release (DOC) updated

Letter to students who are selected to attend

Selection Letter to Students (DOC)

Letter sent to students who are alternates

Alternate Letter to Students (DOC)

Letter to the schools notifying them of which students will be sent and which are alternates

Letter to Schools About Selection (DOC)

Press release to media sent out after you have selected the students that you will send

Student-Selection-Press-Release (DOC) updated




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