Volunteer Opportunities

We Need You!

Current high school students are the future of our society and future Rotarians. Help teach our them leadership by volunteering for a short-term or long-term position. Help instill leadership skills in the next generation of Rotarians!

Interested in helping?

Below is a list of the positions needed filled and a description of each.

Leadership Team

  • Have attended as RYLA as a camper and junior counselor.
  • Must be a good communicator, have the ability to motivate youth, have the ability to lead without taking over, and work cohesively with the RYLA chair and coordinator.
  • Lead and support a team of junior counselors with the goal of creating a successful experience for the RYLArians.
  • Be the first point of contact for the junior counselors and share appropriate information to them from the RYLA chair and coordinator.
  • Select the junior counselors with the support of the RYLA chair and coordinator.
  • With the RYLA chair, refine and confirm the camp program and speakers.
  • Prepare and direct the staff development with the RYLA chair and coordinator.
  • Participate in monthly conference calls with RYLA committee.
  • Facilitate the RYLA program and act as MC during the week.
  • Direct daily junior/senior counselor meetings.
  • Solve any junior counselor disputes, and if necessary, take the disputes to the RYLA chair and coordinator.
  • Attend Rotary District 5630 Conference in the spring.

Key responsibilities of Leadership Team members include assisting the RYLA Coordinator with the following tasks:


  • Obtain materials necessary for RYLA activities.
  • Make arrangements to get materials to and from camp.
  • Communicate with Nebraska 4-H camp staff needs they can provide:
    • Etiquette dinner supplies, table service
    • Specials meals
    • Audio/visual equipment
    • Tables and chairs
  • Order t-shirts, water bottles, lanyards and gift items.
  • Order notebooks and make copies of needed materials.

Public Relations/Promotions

  • Develop a list of local media contacts within District 5630.
  • Develop and implement a promotions plan within District 5630 to promote RYLA
  • Promote Rotarians serving as volunteer senior counselors.
  • Develop a plan to update video, brochures, and flyers.


  • Contact businesses or individuals that would provide financial resources to help fund RYLA.
  • Contact businesses or individuals that would provide gifts-in-kind to help support RYLA with materials needed.
  • Find opportunities that we can do business with Rotarians for items needed for RYLA that we can purchase or borrow.


  • Lead Great Plains RYLA program by promoting leadership to all activities.
  • Involve all staff as needed in the setup and execution of activities and events.
  • Make sure all audio-visual materials are setup for speakers and presenters.
  • Provide fillers between activities and speakers.

Apply for the RYLA Leadership Team

Junior Counselor

  • You must have attended RYLA as a participant in the last three years.
  • Demonstrate excellent leadership skills during RYLA, be a good communicator, and should feel comfortable leading a group of peers.
  • Have attained a high level of confidence and skill to be a success.
  • Attend the staff development.
  • Work closely with the Senior Counselor you are partnered with to develop a team dynamic as well as your own skills.
  • Lead your team of RYLArians through RYLA.
  • Your primary role is to encourage individual and team growth through RYLA.
  • Be able to occupy the RYLArians in a productive manner all the time.
  • Facilitate all activities and discussions with confidence and ease.
  • Use various techniques to help the RYLArians develop their leadership skills.
  • Challenge RYLArians to break barriers, be bold, be creative, and be an initiator.
  • Put the needs of the RYLArian’s ahead of the needs of the Junior Counselors or staff.
  • Report all problems and emergencies to the senior counselor or RYLA chair or coordinator.
  • Maintain communication with the Leadership Team.
  • Help mentor junior counselors who are serving in their first year.
  • Collect surveys from all RYLArians.

Apply to be a RYLA Junior Counselor

Senior Counselor

  • You must be a Rotarian in good standing with your club or be recommended by a Rotarian in District 5630 or District 5610.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age or older.
  • Must attend all dates of Great Plains RYLA .
  • The two major needs for Senior Counselors are to enable young adults to continue their leadership development and to ensure the fulfillment of the goals for the RYLA participants.
  • Have demonstrated excellent leadership skills and the ability to motivate youth.
  • Support and stay in communication with the junior counselor you are paired with to develop your team dynamic as well as the individual RYLArian’s skills.
  • Attend all activities with assigned team.
  • Oversee the safety of the junior counselor and the team.
  • Help make connections between RYLA and Rotary.
  • Serve as a mentor to the junior counselor and the RYLArian’s
  • Enforce team rules and implement necessary consequences. Any issues that extend beyond group dynamics need to be reported to the RYLA chair.
  • Assist the junior counselor in facilitating all activities and group discussions as necessary.
  • Accomplish any tasks that require leaving the group temporarily; the junior counselor should never leave the team.
  • Maintain communication with the RYLA chair and coordinator.

Volunteer to serve as a Senior Counselor


  • Take photos and videos during RYLA
  • Upload photos to the RYLA Facebook page each day

General Volunteer Requirements (for week-long staff only)

  • No cost to serve on staff, but must get your self to and from camp
  • Those serving on staff during the week at RYLA cannot drive students to and from camp
  • Must have a willingness to work with high school junior and senior boys and girls
  • Submit a personal medical history including a physical
  • Participate fully in all sessions and activities as appropriate
  • Must be able to attend RYLA beginning the day before the first day of camp through the end.


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